Fort Worth Lawn Care facts!

Forth Worth Lawn Care
Forth Worth Lawn Care

If you have realized it or not, lawn care is a huge part of the economy in Fort Worth Texas. As a homeowner you often choose a lawn care company and go about your life and this is a normal process. As a business in the industry we thought it would be a good idea to share some lawn care facts from Fort Worth Texas. Our team spent a few hours doing some research and we came up with the facts show on the info graph in this post! We hope this gives you some insight on Fort Worth lawn care.

While we were looking into the lawn care market in the area we came up with a few really cool statistics and we were even surprised with the results we came across. Believe it or not if you took every lawn in Fort Worth Texas and stretched it in 1 straight line you could go around the planet 2 times.

As a very lawn care oriented team we also found that 2.3% of the people in Fort Worth Texas actually work in the lawn care industry. This means that 1 in every 42 people in the area actually do a lawn care related job. If you think about this in perspective that is huge for the local economy.

Below are a list of all of the cool lawn care facts we have found and we truly hope you find these fact’s as cool as we did!


Fort Worth Lawn Care Fact’s

1 – 20,030 people in Fort Worth Texas actually work in the lawn care industry.

2 – 1 in 42 people in Fort Worth work in lawn care.

3 – There are 262,652 lawns in Fort Worth Texas.

4 – Every year in Forth Worth Texas 112,000 lawn care sales calls are made.

5 – If you take all of the lawns


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