How much to Install Christmas Lights

Christmas light installation Pricing involves many variables. One of the main pricing considerations is the difficulty of the installation.Things to consider are:

  • How many floors, multi lever floors are difficult to access due to height
  • roof pitch, houses with steep roof pitch can be difficult to walk on when installing Christmas lights and can add significantly to the time it take to hang the lights.
  • What the lights are being attached to.
  • A shingle roof can be decorated quicker than a tile or slate roof.
  • the type of lights being installed, RGB lights are more expensive than C-9 bulbs.
  • Rooflines that are straight without many peaks can be quicker to decorate than roofs with many peaks and jumpers
  • Adding jumper to custom cut lights adds expense as you  have to add plugs and wire.
  • Them Christmas light company you use may have the correct insurance, workmans comp and specialized training which may increase the price however adds to the professionalism and dependability of the installation.
  • The time of the year the Christmas lights are hung. if you install early in the season the you may be able to get a discount on the installation. If you wait later in the season, prices will go up due to the availability of the installers.
  • November is the busiest time of year for Christmas light installations and the requests for quotes can overwhelm most Christmas light companies so in order to manage the request most companies raise their prices.


Christmas light installation price